Lynee' Walters - BlissGlass Artist

About the Artist

Sometimes, in life, tragedy occurs when one least expects it. At first the tragedy is all one sees. At least that’s all that I could see.  Yet out of my greatest despair came the most wonderful opportunity and an idea was born. This dream of mine started as a whisper and became louder and louder until I just went ahead and did it.

There was a gaping hole in the universe and I knew that I could help to fill it. When someone that you love dies, when one loses a fur-baby, you are left with a broken heart, wonderful memories and a big love with no place to go. Flowers are beautiful but they die…stepping stones with verses on them are nice…but they didn’t touch my heart or invite joy to come back into my life…when a person dies, often one or two people will carry home the cremains in a box…everyone else takes a flower and goes home with just memories….boxes and urns are often lovely but my idea takes them out of those boxes and places them back into the sun by creating stained glass art with their cremains fused forever in glass.

I went after my idea with all of my heart. My mother told me when I was a little girl to do what gives me joy and the rest will follow. That’s good advice. It took me over 60 years, but I’m finally doing just that. I’ve retired from my “real job” and I created Blissglass, in Mooresville, Indiana, so that I can do what I love to do each and every day of my life.

Love,  Lynee'