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CRASH COURSE IN STAINED GLASS is a 3-5 hour class of up to and including 6 people.In this class you will learn how to choose your glass (color, texture, etc) You'll learn to cut basic shapes and how to grind them into the right size. You'll learn to apply the copper foil and how to silver solder. I'll teach you how to finish and polish your piece and how to hang it. I chose to teach this class to give anyone the chance to try something new and see if there is an interest in learning more. There are 6 patterns to choose from and you'll take your piece home with you that day. The cost is $50 and it includes everything.  Just get some friends/family together and give me a call to schedule your class. If you're interested in an open class give me a call. You can, also, send me your message thru my website here.

STAINED GLASS CLASS is a 12-15 hour class that offers a more in-depth training on all aspects of copper foil technique stained glass creation. You will have 6 patterns to choose from.  In this class you will learn the different types of stained glass and how to cut more intricate cuts for your piece.  You will learn how to use the grinder and the ring saw. You will learn to properly and effectively apply copper foil to your pieces and you will learn how to silver solder your piece. I'll teach you the different finishing techniques so you will choose how you want yours to look. You'll learn to use the metal saw as you make your zinc frame and you'll hang your piece with chain, wire, or nylon rope (your choice)  You will finish it by polishing your piece with a glass polish and watching it come to life as you buff it to a brilliant finish. This class can be consecutive nights or we can schedule it on any day...I'm here and this is my full-time job. I can usually accommodate you, your friends and family and your schedules. I like to teach 3-6 people in a class. Please give me a call or fill out this form. If you're interested in an open class, please let me know.  This class requires no prior experience and at $165 it includes everything.

FUSED GLASS is a class that takes up to 3 hours. This is a fun option for the whole family. Children as young as 5 can do this.  You can do this as a birthday party, team-building workshop, any group of friends...  You will learn how to create necklaces, key rings, refrigerator magnets, prayer stones, or wine stoppers, by choosing your glass and learning how to create just the look you want. You will leave your creations with me to put into the kiln and by the next day you'll be so excited and surprised to see what glass does when it fuses in the kiln. It takes 24 hours for your jewelry to cure so your can pick it up when it's done. This class is for most everyone. $25 for 2 pieces. It's $10 for each additional piece. The wine stoppers are $25 each.  Its great fun. Please take the time to read the reviews of my classes.

COOLER PARTIES is a fused glass class with just grown-ups. Any group of adults (21 and older) is welcome to bring your cooler with you and sip on anything that you bring to enjoy as you create fused glass pieces. Fun!!!!

I do teach private lessons, too. Please just give me a call or fill out the form to contact me.

Stained glass art is such a fun and amazing craft. You will be amazed at what you can do with a willing heart, an open mind, and your own two hands.

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Heather Koval · September 12, 2016

Lynee' was awesome! She is fun, knows her stuff, and genuinely has a passion for this!! We made necklaces in class with her, and I LOVE them!!!  Can't wait to make more stained glass artwork! Thank you, Lynee'!

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